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  1. I’m addicted to chewing gum, lol. I’ve had multiple brands without issue. I was also wondering if it was the artificial sweeteners that are bugging her. None of the ingredients indicate gluten. ?
  2. Were you eating gluten prior to the endoscopy? If you were off of it, it may show negative even though your original antibodies weee high. I’d ask for another, and if you can handle it, you’d have to be on gluten for a number of weeks first. Graves’ disease and celiac are actually often seen ...
  3. Oh and I guess I’m just wondering if others have reacted or have suspected reactions. I’ve already read that article. Some articles say no it can’t cause a reaction and others say it can. I just want to know personal experiences.
  4. Oh I already know of another autoimmune disorder. Graves’ disease is what I have and my last blood work was a few weeks ago. It’s on the edge of being under control. Perhaps it IS wheat.
  5. Agreed. Dairy and xanthum gum can be irritating. This ingredient list is overall safe.
  6. This. Most often distilling rids a product of gluten containing items. But adding flavoring to it that has gluten in it negates this.
  7. Hi guys! I was wondering about reactions from hydrolyzed wheat protein Found in beauty products such as body wash, shampoos etc. I’m finding a lot of mixed messages online and wanted to find out how others react to it if at all. I’m asking because I’ve been using a body wash for two m...
  8. These sound like my symptoms before I was diagnosed this year with Graves’ disease. I also have never been officially diagnosed with celiac — worked with a naturopath and found out I can not have gluten (it makes me very sick now when I accidentally eat it). At any rate. Graves — very likel...
  9. Well they responded so something else is getting to me it would seem. They sent me an awesome letter. See attached!
  10. Good morning, all! I have recently started taking Xyzal. I took it a number of years ago and it worked well for me, so when it went over the counter, I decided to try it. And I have felt off this entire week. I had only one other incident that I could have been "gluten" (flavored K-Cup that is...