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  1. shayesmom

    I Want Them To Be Wrong!

    Villous atrophy confirmed by biopsy is the "gold standard" when it comes to a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. And as someone...
  2. shayesmom

    Adhd Medications

    ADHD can often also be helped by avoiding certain chemicals (preservatives, food colorings, food additives). There also...
  3. shayesmom

    Celiac And Enuresis

    Considering the family history, it is likely that gluten is the culprit behind all that you've been experiencing with...
  4. shayesmom

    Best Test For Food Allergies Children

    If you're looking for food allergies, then yes, the most reliable thing to do is the scratch testing combined with the...
  5. LOL! The "mood" must be catchy because my first thought was "And this affects you HOW???". Some people really are...
  6. shayesmom

    Is Gluten Free Diet Safe For Non Celiac

    I think that you have to take medical information like this with a grain of salt. One study is hardly conclusive and...
  7. shayesmom

    Need Advice On Sick 2 Yr Old, Ttg Positive

    This is the scenario that is absolutely dreadful to deal with. Postive blood work and negative biopsy. What to do?...
  8. shayesmom

    Need Advice On Annual Biopsies For Toddler

    I think that the only appropriate response to this GI would be "Over my dead body". What in the world could this doctor...
  9. shayesmom

    Is The Biopsy Completely Necessary After A Positive Blood Test?

    I agree with the other posters who have said this is a personal choice. But I do believe that a strongly positive TTG...
  10. shayesmom

    Keeping Your Home Gluten Free?

    My daughter is super-sensitive to gluten and also very sensitive to dairy, soy and egg. It became apparent to us very...
  11. shayesmom

    My First Issue With The School

    If you're going to meet with the principal and teacher about this, you may as well start proceedings for a 504. That...
  12. This is well worth repeating. The only thing that will get them to take this more seriously is the constant reminder...
  13. Jess, Just so you know, you will need to be tested every 3 years or so unless you've had the genetic tests done which...
  14. shayesmom

    Baking / Teachers And School

    Here's a link which outlines the bills in question: http://food-allergies.suite101.com/article.cfm/food_allergy_and...
  15. shayesmom

    Gluten, Dairy And Soy Free?

    I live in a small town as well. We do grow some tomatoes and peppers. However, there are a couple of garden centers...