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  1. I once got paranoid about my kiddos numbers, then as he was diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases, I was told to stop looking at the numbers and watch the symptoms. He's been totally gluten free for almost 2 years now but I was told his test would probably not get to normal limits because the...
  2. Hey, I actually have some answers for some of you. My son has Celiac, horrible pain, muscle spasams and twitches like crazy, went through 14 crazy doctor years with him and it took that one neurologist who said, of course he's a mess, more than 60% of people with Celiac disease have small fiber neuropathy...
  3. Hey, it's awesome that you are doing this! There is only 10 restaurants I will take my gluten-free teenager to here. We learned the hard way that some restaurants gluten-free menu is just options from the regular menu that are already gluten-free which means, the kitchen isn't even told the person...
  4. MomBTired

    I'm An Idiot

    Actually Milky Ways are gluten free. My son is 19, we read all junk food labels HA! Hershey and Mars says to stay away from their holiday shaped treats because it does share equipment with gluten candies