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  1. I had muscle aches and joint pain so bad the doctor checked for arthritis. It came back negative so he put me on b12...
  2. alicia29

    Foot Pain, Anyone?

    I had terrible growing pains in my feet growing up and I still sometimes get cramps in my feet. I always have to have...
  3. alicia29

    Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

    Hi. Just wanted to say how much I love this site. I used to think I was going crazy with the anxiety and irritability...
  4. This made me smile... http://www.buzzfeed.com/antiwheatgirl/19-things-only-people-with-celiac-disease-will-und-l3lz?utm...
  5. I will be traveling to ocean city, maryland in a few days. We will be staying in a room with a kitchen so I can do my...
  6. alicia29


    Thanks. I'll see what I can find
  7. Has anyone found a good gluten free multivitamin? I tried women's one a day and they upset my stomach. Not sure what...
  8. alicia29

    Food Causing Insomnia

    Thanks. I've never heard of valarian root before. I hadn't thought about checking for local clinics. No one in my family...
  9. alicia29

    Food Causing Insomnia

    I'm only 29 so not sure about that. I stopped eating gluten when someone mentioned it to me. Most of the symptoms disappeared...
  10. I've been gluten free for almost a year now. Most of the symptoms I had cleared up right away except the fatigue and...