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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. The system will not let me edit Avatar. When I click on "Edit Avatar" in my controls, I get a bunch of lines with text on it. Is there another way to do this or is something down, or is it my computer?
  3. After 1 1/2 years diagnosed w/Gluten intolerant, I was just diagnosed with Bipolar II, a mild form of Bipolar. As I look back, when I did eat gluten, aside from the digestive symptoms, I felt a crazy feeling after digesting gluten, and would be anxious/depressed for days. Eliminating gluten from my diet has definitely been a step in the positive direction with my mood. What I was wondering is- anybody out there with Celiac/Bipolar? I believe Gluten is a Bipolar trigger. I am curious- since these two conditions are genetic and I have not one, but two Celiac Genes, if this runs along the lines of the Bipolar genes. Any insight?
  4. OK- I've been gluten-free for about 9 months now. I have made remarkable improvement in digestion and found that I can now handle dairy and many other things I previously reacted to. But sometimes, when I am doing really well- I go into denial- due to the neg. blood and biopsy- I wonder if this whole thing is all a big fluke and if it was something else causing my symptoms originally- like Candida, bacterial overgrowth- that has healed and I really CAN tolerate gluten. I know you're all going to scream at me, but I was at a bridal shower the other day and managed to not eat hardly anything, because all the food was wheat based (can you say Chinese food?) But there were these tantillizing cupcakes and I thought, well- this could be an experiment to give me confirmation- so I ate a cupcake. It wasn't so bad. Some rumbles here and there but is was soon over. So then I got on this gluten binge. And I thought, I'd already ruined it today, so I would eat some more and see what happens. So on my way home I ate a gyro, and then 3 wheat-laden chocolate chip cookies. I got gut rumbles, some gas, and belching. Then I got the all-familiar stomach ache- like something is poking me inside- below the belly. A dull, pressureful constant pain that kind of feels like hunger, but I just ate. So it's confirmed for me again- I am gluten intolerant- I won't do it again. That was 5 days ago. My question is- now when I eat anything (things that are Gluten-Free), I am getting the same symptoms. Last night, I ate some Pamela's Brownies that I made from a mix and I got a strong reaction- immediate rumbling, and stomach poking that I began to think I was glutened from them. These past few days, I react to ice cream again. My question is- what is actually happening that makes you react to everything you eat after getting glutened? Does the gluten have to be damaging your intestines? Or is the gluten just inflaming your gut which takes awhile to calm down? Can you get a leaky gut again that quickly after it has healed? For instance- my "lactose intolerance" appears to have vanished- (which leads me to believe my villi WERE previously damaged-but healed) but seemed to come back after one bad glutening. How long do your glutening symptoms last?
  5. I've been getting these sores on my scalp that ooze and crust over. I wouldn't say itchy- but sore. Yes- there is wheat in one of my shampoos. I haven't been entirely gluten-free on the shampoo thing. I don't have a problem with any of my other products that have wheat in them. What is confirmed DH on the scalp like? Do you have to have direct contact with wheat on the scalp to get it? Are there other irritations/sores that wheat contacting the scalp can cause?
  6. Hi Floridian- Thanks for the info. I recently got a book called, "Could it be B12?" I may have pernicious anemia. I am going to be going in for some more testing. My levels were found very low- at 48, but I don't know of any positive family history. How were you diagnosed? Was it givng you symptoms? Is it common for the two- Celiac and Pernicious Anemia- to occur together?
  7. Before I was gluten-free, I got weird fluttery beat thingies after eating gluten. Now that I have removed gluten, they have almost entirely subsided. I do believe that they come from eating something you are allergic to or intolerant to. I was recently allergic to an antibiotic I was taking, and I had a those chest thumps about every 20-30 seconds for about 2 days. I also felt quite jittery at the same time. I believe these are from adrenaline surges your body gives out when experiencing an allergic reaction. I hope you find out what the cause is!
  8. i had an endoscopy and nothing was mentioned about a hernia. can i assume i don't have one?
  9. What are the symptoms of a hiatal hernia and how is it diagnosed? My reflux gets so bad that I feel like someone is sitting on my chest and I have difficulty breathing. I also have some kind of esophageal muscle spasms.
  10. See my PM, also if you go to the glutenfreesd.com website there are some Dr's listed there.
  11. Hi Rachel and welcome to the board. It is great to see a fellow San Diegan! When I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I also had an IgG food sensitivity test done, which included 96 foods. That helped me to zone down in on exactly what I was intolerant to. I also keep a food diary. It might help if you do want to check into the blood testing. I came up with bananas, pinapples, sugar, sesame, eggs, many other fruits, coffee. I've been gluten-free for almost 6 months now and I am definitely less sensitive to things. And yes- my Dr. also recommended Glutamine. I haven't taken it yet but I got it at whole foods.
  12. my b-12 def. was diagnosed through a vitamin b-12 blood test. it is not usally included in a regular CBC. If it was causing a significant anemia, that may show up in decreased RBC's, but you can have a b12 deficiency without anemia. if your blood test looks low or you are having b12 def symptoms, they should run further testing, like antiparietal, or antiintrinsic factor antibodies to see if you have underlying pernicious anemia causing the deficiency.
  13. gabrielle, I started having panic attacks, out of nowhere about 1 year ago. That's when I started looking into some possible physical causes. I found that I had adrenal exhaustion. This can cause depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. It is caused by chronic stress to the body- physical and/or emotional. Bodily stress, coming from GLUTEN, vitamin deficiencies, food intolerances, infections can cause this imbalance of DHEA and cortisol. I am on supplementation of DHEA and Pregnenolone because my adrenals were completely burned out. I am feeling like my old self again. Also, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disease, in particular hyperthyroidism, can cause panic and anxiety. If you are hypothyroid, I would look into getting that checked, because it can go the other way. I believe that supporting your body physically is a necessary step to healing, and I pray you will find answers and healing. You are not alone Gabrielle, and you are not crazy!!!! p.s. many traditional doctors don't recognize adrenal fatigue- i would suggest a naturopathic doctor if you do want your adrenals checked.
  14. glad i found this post! ive been doing a lot of research in regards to a b12 deficiency and celiac. there is a lot over in the peripheral neuropathy thread, and rose is the expert. you may want to check that out. in regards to your #;s: 1. an isolated b12 deficiency is not necessarily pernicious anemia, and pernicious anemia and b12 deficiencies do not necessarily cause a true "anemia" 2. Celiac disease can definitely cause a vitamin b-12 deficiency. however, according to my doctor, b12 is absorbed in the ileum, the end of the small intestine. Celiac usually starts at the top of the small intestine and then works it's way down, so you would usually get iron deficiency anemia first. my doctor believes you would have to have gross damage to progress to a b-12 deficiency. 3. other diseases like crohn's, intestinal bacterial overgrowth can cause a b-12 deficiency. it is rarely caused by diet alone unless you are a longstanding vegan. 4. Celiac does not cause true "pernicious anemia", but it can cause b-12 deficiency, which some doctors loosely call pernicious anemia. And yes, as you heal, you start absorbing better, and if your b-12 status is low, should improve. 5. true PA is auto-immune. the body destroys the cells that produce intrinsic factor, resulting in poor or no absorption of b-12. there is a genetic component. 6. low stomach acid and h.pylori can also cause some degree of b-12 malabsorption. 7. b12 def can be diagnosed by serum levels. also there are other hematologic markers. 8. 90% of people with PA have antiparietal cell antibodies, 50% or so have anti-intrinsic factor antibodies. these are the tests used to help diagnose PA. Also, the Shilling's test can be used to discover the cause of the malabsorption. 9. Having PA increases your risk of having other autoimmune diseases, such as Celiac. 10. PA is more commonly diagnosed after the age of 50, but can occur in younger people and juveniles. 11. you are at higher risk if you are scandinavian, a woman, or northern european. I've had many many many symptoms improve on the b12 injections. my initial count was severely low....a 48!!! my dr. did not do anti-intrinsic factor antibodies w/ my workup, so the PA diagnosis is on hold until i go in for that. if antiparietal/antiintrinstic factor are both negative, i will have a shilling's test. my biopsy was neg for celiac/crohn's, and bloodwork only IgG positive. i just know i'm so much better off gluten.
  15. ChelsE- you are going back on gluten? what happened? I thought they gave you a Celiac diagnosis. Doctor wants me to go on a gluten challenge and redo my biopsy--but I don't want to. How long will your challenge be?
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