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  1. Watch out for medicines that contain gluten. Most won't tell you and then you get it. I have my biggest problem with this. Over the counter meds are the worst at labeling this stuff and telling you about it. Right after I figured out gluten was killing me, I still couldn't eat anything except...
  2. If you are talking about the rash that gluten can give you that looks like blisters, I can feel for you. I get it on my legs the worst but break out other places too. I found baking soda works at times as a wash over my skin, sometimes aloe gel works if left on to sink in, but nothing really takes...
  3. Mine typically last two months more depending on how much I was exposed to and the type. Five months has been the longest.
  4. I hate to ask this because it sounds crazy, but you aren't getting cross contamination from other foods being served, are you? Even a stray crumb of bread will throw my entire system out for weeks. Another factor might be the sauces and how they are prepared. Certain spices, and I can't figure...
  5. I have been buying some frozen veggies, broccoli, and things, from Bj's wholesale near me. They are certified as gluten free and haven't bothered me. As for Birdseye stuff, I stay away from anything flavored or seasoned in their lines. I try to get fresh as much as possible.
  6. The bumps I get on my legs start out just red but turn into something like little blisters when I have anything with gluten in it. I have the other symptoms too, but the blisters on my legs appear even if I walk in the wheatgrass when it is about to seed or in aisles where gluten flour products have...