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  1. I have recently heard that John Frieda Go Blonder shampoo and bed head dumb blonde are gluten free. Is this true? Has anyone used these products and have they been safe?
  2. Which Aquage products are safe for us? I have been having the hardest time finding a good quality gluten free shampoo that does not make my blonde color treated hair greesey and gross.
  3. Thank you everyone for your help! I had my endoscopy and colonoscopy done yesterday. I was put under anesthesia this time and it was an overall good experience. My doctor did end up diagnosing me with Celiac Disease because of the blood work and my symptoms. I should hear about my biopsy results...
  4. A lot of products and companies can be very misleading. A lot of them do not understand the complexities of Celiac Disease and how serious it is. I think these labels are like this because of the "fad" gluten free diet. Those are the people that do not have to necessarily worry about cross contamination...
  5. Hello Everyone, Thank you for your responses. You have given me some very helpful advice. I am actually a little confused now. I have been told by my doctor and other Celiacs that a blood test was and is enough to diagnose me. While the gluten free diet has been difficult, it is not that...
  6. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in October through blood work. I have an appointment with Gastroenterology at the end of this month. I have heard horror stories that doctors not finding the villi damaged will make them not diagnose you with Celiac Disease, when in fact you still have it...
  7. Thank you to everyone has replied and commented to my post! You have all been very helpful. I threw away a lot of my very expensive makeup and switched to gluten free brands. I mainly use Gabriel cosmetics and ZUZU Luxe because they are certified gluten free now. I was using Tarte for a while and...
  8. I was diagnosed in October and am still having a hard time finding good beauty/ personal care products. What are some of your favorite products that you use?