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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks! That makes a lot more sense! -Jennifer
  3. This may sound dumb from someone who has been dx celiac disease for almost 5 years, but there is a difference between being allergic to wheat, and having celiac disease right? Is that why some CDs can tolerate the distilled vinegar and distilled grain alcohols, and others cant, the ones that can have a problem with the Gluten, which is all removed during distillation, and the ones that cant have a problem with the wheat, which can not be completely removed? Just a theory? Oh, and I tried removing all things with Vinegar for a while and didnt notice a change. -Jennifer
  4. It doesnt seem to matter what I eat, it just makes me tired. I dont have stomach symptoms, unless I have to go out in public, and thats my nerves. My diet includes, Fresh meats(burger, beef, pork, ham...has sodium & sugar added, turkey legs) Potatoes, rice, corn, eggs, some cooked veggies(fresh are too hard on my belly) and a few extras like Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Mayo, LaChoy Soy Sauce, olive oil, corn oil, Fleichmans Lite Marg, salt and pepper. About a month ago I went to the doc for a yeast infection and mentioned that I have celiac disease and asked if a Candida overgrowth could be cau
  5. I mainly get tired and the brain fog after I eat, its like my body need to use all the energy it has to digest the food. It makes things really hard because if I need to go somewhere during the day I can not eat. On days I have something to do, like holidays when I have to be at familys houses, or days I have apts, I cant eat untill I get home for the day and know I dont have anywhere else to be. Right now I can not work, because there is no way I can live like that EVERY DAY. I do not need to take a nap, just sit or lay down. And on top of just getting wiped out from eating, If I have food in
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