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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. 'He' was actually drawn by a good friend of mine, I saw him and fell in love. She works at a tattoo shop, so I went down while she was working and spent some time editing him with her and making him exactly what I wanted...then he was made a permanent part of my body
  3. So I got my first tattoo last night...And I went with a gluten-free theme. Im in love with it, but then again, Im a nut. Picture! more pics here if ya wanna see. myspace .com/ferjen1
  4. So Im watching TLC and this show comes on....and the little boy has celiac disease. Did anyone else catch it? I knew it was different to deal with a child with celiac disease but I never thought about them being scared to eat food...See even us Celiacs can learn from the publicity of the disease, see it in a new light.
  5. ...You have a panic attack at the store because you walked down the flour aisle only to find a bag has broken open...OH NO! ...Now you hold your breath on that aisle and the bread aisle...just in case... ...Your dog has learned that "give momma kisses" means to lick the air near your face Anyone know of some gluten-free dog food? I currently use Diamond Brand Lamb Meal and Rice, which used to be gluten-free...then all of the sudden stopped with no known reason!!! My dog still likes it just the same...but I DONT! Oh and when your dog used to be gluten-free... ...You get mad when someone gives the gluten-free pets a NON gluten-free treat!
  6. If they are so innocent why the hell were they sneaky about it! If all that happened was their distributor told them what was REALLY in the fries and they REALLY didnt know before this new law what was in them, then why on earth would they just quietly release this info on their web site....just makes them look like they are trying to hide something to me. And in regards to my prior post.....I do not think I am entitled to go eat anything anywhere....If I didnt make it I can not trust it fully! But if a restaurant wants to tell us things are safe....they damn well better be! If a restaurant has a gluten-free menu or a list of their ingredients you want me to believe they are doing this because they really give a damn about me or my health....NO WAY....they do it for ONE reason......To try to get/save the business of people with allergies...and thats it! All I can say is I would much rather have a restaurant tell me that they dont know what is in their food then tell me that its safe and have it not be!
  7. I want to know why they waited so long to release this info? And why are they trying so hard to cover their butts....look at any other company....you ask them about their food and the majority of them just tell you to eat it at your own risk! I think McD's is taking a big risk in saying it contains these things...but dont worry....they wont hurt you....ha...I think I will just trust them and when this backfires in their faces and they find out they were wrong I will get to be part of a big class action law suit! And hell, if they are right...then Im not missing out on the fries. I dont know...just my feelings....but hey I havent got sick from the fries before....that I know of, I have been sick from eating there, just dont think it was the fries. I love it when I order a big n tasty w/no bun and they put it on a bun before they read the screen right...then they peel it off the bun and put it in a salad thing instead of just making a new one, and I dont find out until about an hour or two later when my stomach freaks!....Or even better....they leave it on the bun and just tell you to peel it off assuming you are just on the adkins diet and just being difficult. Bastards!
  8. I live in Sparta, its close to La Crosse and West Salem, I had no idea that Lindas had anything gluten-free, but I dont think I could trust it anyways since their main products is not gluten-free.
  9. Never actually had an "accident" but I know the feeling, that is what has caused all of my mental issues, I dont leave my house unless I have no other option! I never know when I will need to go, and when you got out with others, and your all in the car on your way somewhere, and your like.....stop the car ASAP... I need to poop! Or your out somewhere and need to go, everyone notices and has to ask questions or make comments. It can really put a damper on your life, I used to be really outgoing and funny, the center of attention, untill I got sick, now I do whatever I can to not get noticed. It sucks! -Jennifer
  10. I applied for SSI which is supplemental security income, I had to apply for SSI instead of Social Security Disability because I had not worked long enough to get any work credits, so I think you would be able to do the same, that is what SSI is for, its for people who cant get SSD because of lack of work or whatever other reason.
  11. Im on SSI for my celiac disease, I have got a little better since going gluten-free but I have developed panick attacks because of the constant need for a bathroom. I just started getting SSI this month, It took a long time! I live in Wisconsin. I would say if you really are not able to work apply until you get it and just be honest! Jennifer
  12. yeast infections(i would get 1 a month before going gluten free),
  13. Thanks! That makes a lot more sense! -Jennifer
  14. This may sound dumb from someone who has been dx celiac disease for almost 5 years, but there is a difference between being allergic to wheat, and having celiac disease right? Is that why some CDs can tolerate the distilled vinegar and distilled grain alcohols, and others cant, the ones that can have a problem with the Gluten, which is all removed during distillation, and the ones that cant have a problem with the wheat, which can not be completely removed? Just a theory? Oh, and I tried removing all things with Vinegar for a while and didnt notice a change. -Jennifer
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