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  1. Um this sounds like a small tumor motive detected its to grow more having the same symptoms have fibroid tumor nearly frontal vertex
  2. If this a women check for ovarion cancer then check for an aorta issue
  3. It could be a small fibroid I went threw this before eating with no wheat helps
  4. How about checking for aka fibroid issues or may want check a tumor of some kind
  5. Um I really don't think it is gluten problems it sounds like an abrasion of some kind
  6. If any thing it sounds lie a medium case of listeria
  7. I'm may want to it's sounds like a allergy problem only
  8. I believe he tried to let you know that this be chromes disease
  9. I don't think it's anything to do with celiac but it's sounds like a problem with whey
  10. Hmm not gluten free for sure and it's too low for celiac to kick in. Your just a little intolerant. Had the same one done I know
  11. It's corhissis of the heart I believe is what your telling me it won't be right for any reason don't worry too much.
  12. They are calling this low positive. We had tested genes and while waiting for results my son got very sick and was admitted to hospital for an inflamed large bowel which they then attributed to him having clampobacyter. They then said all his symptoms and possibly the coeliac screen results were because of this bug even though his symptoms started 3 1/2 weeks before he got sick with the bug. They sent us home and and said he'd get better. 2 days later I drove him to our closest city to another hospital as he couldn't stop throwing up and they admitted him again. They finally agreed after discussions with 3 c different departments and infectious diseases that the bug was not the cause of his existing symptoms but are still reluctant to look at coeliac even though his gene test came back positive for 2 genes. They have tentatively diagnosed him with gastro paresis as he is vomiting up to 11 times a day. He is pale, has dark circles under his eyes and complains of constant tummy pain that increases at times during g the day. I guess I'm just wondering if he fits the profile for coeliac or at this point in just hoping it is so I know what's wrong and can do something g to fix it instead of just watch him get sicker. Thanks so much for any response. xx Pleading with you to go and check for a tumor
  13. Sounds like the nurse knew what this was you have the best team helping you lucky. It took over a year for me.
  14. Check for malabsorption I get that over my celiac problem.
  15. Differently a gluten problem have an liver who has the same test results.
  16. Check for a tumor then check for any gluten allergy like whey
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