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  1. Um this sounds like a small tumor motive detected its to grow more having the same symptoms have fibroid tumor nearly frontal vertex
  2. Victoria5289

    Blood Test ?

    If this a women check for ovarion cancer then check for an aorta issue
  3. It could be a small fibroid I went threw this before eating with no wheat helps
  4. How about checking for aka fibroid issues or may want check a tumor of some kind
  5. Um I really don't think it is gluten problems it sounds like an abrasion of some kind
  6. If any thing it sounds lie a medium case of listeria
  7. I'm may want to it's sounds like a allergy problem only
  8. Victoria5289


    Gee it could be a pinch nerve alot
  9. Victoria5289

    Confusing Test Result

    I believe he tried to let you know that this be chromes disease
  10. Sometimes diseased cause unexpected allergy
  11. Victoria5289

    Looking for advice

    Please check to rule out ovarion cancer or a tumor
  12. Its ok I don't think it's gluten problems yet
  13. Victoria5289

    TTG questions

    I don't think it's anything to do with celiac but it's sounds like a problem with whey