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  1. I had some DH on my face but it was hidden by an existing goatee...
  2. I had the skin biopsy to confirm DH but they still wanted to do a endoscopy to see what was going on inside...they found some cells called Eosinophils that may or may not be related to Celiac and are going to follow up with another scope in eight weeks. Here's what my elbow looked like about eight...
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Endoscopy results came in the morning confirming Celiac, but they also found cells called Eosinophils which apparently has something to do with white blood cells. They want to do another scope in 8 weeks to see if they're still there.
  4. Howdy, No stranger to forums as I've found them to be a great tool for my interests in motorcycles and old trucks but now find myself needing to educate myself in dealing with Celiac Disease. I'm a male in my fifties now and have had to deal with eczema since I was about six years old that was...