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  1. http://forglutensake.com/100-percent-gluten-free-korea-asia/ Check this site,she listed restaurants with gluten-free menu.
  2. I am going to genoa next week and i could found 2 restaurants which are %100 dedicated gluten-free: Vox Populi and Celibon. There are also a lot of restaurants which are certified by Italian celiac association (AIC) but i dont know which ones have seperate kitchen.Did any of you go to Genoa?How was your experience there?
  3. I ordered andalou naturals sunscreen which is certified gluten-free but it got stuck at custom office Which brands do you use and which are certified gluten-free?
  4. There are only a few brands here in my country , so i buy schar.I dont eat it everyday,once a month actually.(expensive and i feel better about going grain free) Anyways schar is great , they have many options and even my non gluten-free family loves it!
  5. Thanks!I read that pubmed article but it was about the plastic ones,the one i am wearing now is made by wires.I dont think i can learn the manufacturers adress since it was like 5 years ago.My dentist said that i have to wear them until im 25.(im 18 now so 7 years left! )
  6. I started wearing braces 5 years ago.(long before going gluten-free) Now i am worrying if the glue used for it contains gluten .
  7. I ‘ve found a lot of brands that claims they have gluten free products but not able to say they are not contaminated with gluten.If you recommend some brands i would be very happy
  8. I’ve discovered a brand called Sampure Minerals and emailed them if their line is gluten free.They told me that they contacted to main company (because i emailed to my country’s branch) and confirmed that they dont have any product that contains gluten. Do any of you use this brand?
  9. Today i cooked turkey in an oven which is cleaned with white vinegar just before. (I dont know if the vinegar had gluten in it,it only says its derived from naturally sugar containing products)The food didnt have contact with any part of the oven,it was just on tray . Do you think its ok ?
  10. Woolwich dairy makes goat cheeses and says they are gluten free on faq section of their website. This brand is not sold in my country so i never tried it but i stick to only goat milk products which makes me more comfortable. The problem can be either gluten or cows milk issue.I would try switching to % 100 goat milk products.I used to have horrible diarrhea,bloating and vomiting issues due to cows milk. Our celiac association has a gluten free list which is updated daily and theres a section of gluten free cheeses too. As i know some dairy brands have cross contamination issues. If you dont have a list like that check with companies directly
  11. I buy a shampoo that has gluten free label on it .The same brand also have shmapoos made with beer so i contacted them.They told me that they producte their cosmeticts according to GMP and throughtly clean for each product in order to prevent cross contamination.Do you think it's ok to use?
  12. There were some threads about this topic in this forum,but i still cant be sure.A few months ago i saw old articles of our celiac foundations page and other sites about celiac,which were telling you to avoid buying ground beef from butcher and supermarket.Like the butcher may use the machine for breadcrumbs then use it again for meat. Since then i buy only normal meat ,only sliced.I dont go to butcher for this reason anymore,though i want to.I shop from a chain supermarket butcher because the meatballs come readily packaged from a factory and they dont contaminate any meats with breadcrumbs.But i dont know if i can buy ground beef there too? I see many celiacs buying ground beef without paying attention to possible contamination.I dont know why celiac associations doesn't talk about this topic anymore.
  13. I'm a scientist to be (currently a student..) And i know how you feel
  14. lilo

    Starting AIP

    I had several attempts to aip protocol but only managed to continue for three weeks .I dont eat gluten free grains and pseudo grains a lot and eat dairy once in a while. Anyways im not sure whether i should start aip diet today on christmas?? I ate too much yesterday and i feel horibble,my face is swollen.We were going to cook turkey without any seasonings or stuffing(not because of aip but im not sure the spices on market are gluten-free) so that would not be a problem! By the way, i dont want to eat meat for breakfast.Anyone has any ideas for how can i manage this diet for at least three months?
  15. https://www.reviewjournal.com/life/health/new-blood-test-identifies-celiac-disease-during-gluten-free-diet/ I guess i saw an article about this on this site.If this research is official it's really good