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  1. This has always been my line of thinking. If I want something that is guaranteed 100% safe, I eat an apple. I do think, though, that in the first stages of healing, avoiding any CC is the best way to go. Now that I've been gluten-free for 5+ years, I have a little more "give" when it comes to CC. I have also read in several different places that the FDA requirements for cleaning the assembly lines are so strict that it would be rather rare (not unheard of, just unlikely) for gluten to survive the cleaning process.
  2. I eat "Only Oats" brand rolled oats and oat bran without problems, but I don't eat them everyday and I've been gluten-free for almost 4 years.
  3. I'm thinking it is a secondary intolerance of some sort. I'll be interested to see what you find when you switch his lunch and dinner foods around. Sometimes it's a good thing to completely change your diet. We get into such a routine with what we eat.
  4. Hi there! Thanks for the responses! Actually, I don't have any D problems. By slight reaction, I mean cramping and bloating, but it goes away after a day or two whereas with gluten it lasts a week and I have other fun symptoms that go with it. It could be the legume issue. I don't eat legumes but it's been so long since I've had any that I was thinking about trying them again... but man oh man if this reaction is because of legumes, perhaps I don't want to try! Thanks for the insight... guess I'll have to find another gluten replacer for gluten-free goods.
  5. Yes - dairy and fat. I stopped being able to tolerate any dairy and only small amounts of fat at a time several years before going gluten-free. I now know that it was because the tips of the villi digest dairy and fat and mine had been destroyed because of the autoimmune reaction to gluten. Once my villi grew back/healed, I could have both again with zero issues.
  6. AndrewNYC was saying that those type of pills are essentially a hoax where Celiac is concerned. It would be like taking Lactaid if you have a dairy allergy (rather than Lactose intolerance).
  7. Just a thought - when you say that he has digestion issues after dinner within an hour, I assume you mean he has to go to the bathroom? If so, could it be not that the dinner is causing a reaction but that it is stimulating him to have to go? For some people, eating makes their bowels move.
  8. Seriously? I started having problems with Xanthan Gum a month or two after going gluten-free and have been using Guar Gum ever since. In the last year or so, I've noticed that I usually have a tiny reaction after eating most of my baked goods - cookies, cake, etc. even though I'm making them myself - no gluten, corn, or xanthan gum. I *thought* it might be because I typically stay away from eating so many grain products in one sitting, as I've noticed I feel better when I don't. But last week it occurred to me: what if it isn't the grains, it's the guar gum? As a test, I made pizza without any gums at all and while the pizza texture wasn't as great, I didn't get sick whatsoever. So that pretty much settles it - I now have a guar gum problem. The reason for my question is that it seems pretty uncommon to have a Xanthan Gum problem and now, Guar gum too? What in the world could I be reacting to with these things? (In case anyone is wondering, I have made sure the brands I am using are 100% gluten-free) Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. I do the same. I worry about what is going to happen to naturally gluten-free products if companies fear litigation or similar unfavorable action. We certainly don't need less gluten-free products.
  10. I actually react to broccoli. Are you feeling OK thus far?
  11. Hi there, I did a complete elimination diet a couple years ago. I used basically the same thing you posted on the first page, but I also left out dairy (which I knew about at the time) and gluten, of course. The main thing to consider, and I still do this, is to only add something questionable when you keep everything else the same so that if you have a reaction, you know what it is. Good luck!
  12. When people say: "I have Celiac's disease." No, you don't. There wasn't a person that this disease was named after. You have Celiac disease and we are Celiacs. No apostrophe.
  13. Symptoms of a glutening can vary widely from person to person, but depression isn't uncommon. Besides the normal bloating and GI upset, I get depressed, fatigued, and super hungry.
  14. I drink Silk Nog - half the calories of regular Egg Nog. When I'm wanting to be naughty, I'll drink Horizon's Egg Nog. Good stuff!
  15. Calling and demanding they give us a gluten-free facility seems a little presumptuous. Yeah, it would be nice, but they aren't making Chex only for Celiacs and if it is cost-prohibitive - which opening a separate facility seems like it would be - most companies won't do it. Just because something says gluten-free doesn't mean it always, 100% of the time, is. Only whole, naturally gluten-free products can be depended upon.
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