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I'm 24, married, no kids. In my spare time, I drink wine, run and sleep in (not necessarily in that order). I have 2 kittens and 2 Russian Tortoises.


  1. AndrewNYC was saying that those type of pills are essentially a hoax where Celiac is concerned. It would be like taking Lactaid if you have a dairy allergy (rather than Lactose intolerance).
  2. Take this with a grain of salt, but I drink a LOT of red wine and I have never had a problem. Ever.
  3. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. Maybe it's something else in the product that you are intolerant to. I was convinced I was constantly getting glutened until I realized that I was intolerant to corn, which was manifesting problems most severely when I ate anything with Xanthan gum... which...
  4. I was one of those lucky few that couldn't tolerate dairy or fats at all (I had been doing the IBS diet with little success until I went gluten-free, and then I felt a lot better). Luckily, after about 6 months (what a nice, round number!) of being gluten-free, I was able to have dairy and fat again...
  5. Audiori J, thanks so much for posting your story! I am so glad that you think you found your "answer" to all of your horrible symptoms over the years - you poor thing! I consider myself really lucky because it was only a few years between the time my symptoms started and when I went gluten-free....
  6. I know various people's stories from reading various posts over the last 8 months, but I think this would be a great place to gather ALL the stories. I am interested to see how others were diagnosed, how long they were sick beforehand, how quickly their symptoms disappeared, how supportive their...
  7. We use either Era or Cheer, both of which I do fine with.
  8. I eat Whole Soy & Co. Frozen Soy Yogurt. I don't eat much soy, but this is one case where I make an exception. It's very, very low in fat and calories and tastes amazing. I think their "Swiss Dark Chocolate" flavor is the best tasting chocolate ice cream I've tried in a long time.
  9. My parents don't know anyone in our family that has had celiac, that we know of. Is it possible for it to just randomly start with me? It has to start somewhere, right?