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  1. I was looking through my old vitamins..just a multi..yeah yellow coloring..but it contains soy according to the label..so I used to gain weight from these, never knowing I am not only Gluten sensitive, but I have Hashimoto’s..I tend to take only the vitamins I need, gluten free..feel much better, and of course foods give vitamins..But by going gluten free, it has been better..problem now, products saying “ gluten free” still have hidden gluten..My antibodies are up again and I basically can figure out exactly what went wrong to correct it...
  2. I have been dx’d with gluten sensitivity..it said 99%, no Celiac and Hashimoto’s and I getthe bleeding and soreness from Gluten..I watch, but sometimes I eat Gluten Free prepackaged And it happens..Swelling in the abdomen calmed more, but with that flair, I notice more now that I lost weight..
  3. I have been tracking food and my sensitivities..I have Hashimoto’s and you know docs..they tend to not test..you have to tell them..I asked for a gluten sensitivity test..I am 99.9% gluten sensitive, yet the doc says I have a choice to eat gluten..no..This bleeding happens..HERE IS MY DISCOVERY ITCHING, BLEEDING IS NOT HEMERRHOIDS UNLESS YOU SEE THE HERRHOIDS..Trust me..Sensitivities to hidden gluten causes this sensitivity..grains have corn hidden..that does not metabolize right..soy unless it is soy lecithin..dairy they say can be possibly casein or the actual antibiotics the cows get..
  4. That is interesting because I have Hashimoto’s, asked for a Celiac Test and a gluten intolerance with my testing and it says: Endomysal Antibody IgA Negative Test for Celiac negative and rest of labs are normal L-Transglutaminase tTG LgA<2 then the Tissue Transglutaminase identified as the endomysial antigen...Studies ...Endomysial antibodies have over 99% specificity for gluten sensitive enteropathy Immunoglobin A, Qn, Serum 328 range 87-352..yet my TSH rose from 1.160 to 2.550 I think because, yeah, I can feel reactions and Hashimoto’s waivers but Gluten sensiti
  5. Hey, I have Hashimoto’s Disease which is very similar being Autoimmune..I saw this because yeah, I experience this, but I found a way to relieve it..Hear me out..I tried hemorrhoid creams, Vaseline, etc, But you know, I started listening to my body when I ate..I eat Gluten Free now, but even Gluten Free processed has corn flour, or soy, things reactive...I started noticing hemorrhoids and constipation are not the same realm, they are not really like other people, but more triggered inflammation response from something you ate..solution..BENEDRYL or ZYRTEC..an allergy med..it brings down the re
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