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  1. I was looking through my old vitamins..just a multi..yeah yellow coloring..but it contains soy according to the label..so I used to gain weight from these, never knowing I am not only Gluten sensitive, but I have Hashimoto’s..I tend to take only the vitamins I need, gluten free..feel much better, ...
  2. I have been dx’d with gluten sensitivity..it said 99%, no Celiac and Hashimoto’s and I getthe bleeding and soreness from Gluten..I watch, but sometimes I eat Gluten Free prepackaged And it happens..Swelling in the abdomen calmed more, but with that flair, I notice more now that I lost weight.. ...
  3. I have been tracking food and my sensitivities..I have Hashimoto’s and you know docs..they tend to not test..you have to tell them..I asked for a gluten sensitivity test..I am 99.9% gluten sensitive, yet the doc says I have a choice to eat gluten..no..This bleeding happens..HERE IS MY DISCOVERY ...
  4. That is interesting because I have Hashimoto’s, asked for a Celiac Test and a gluten intolerance with my testing and it says: Endomysal Antibody IgA Negative Test for Celiac negative and rest of labs are normal L-Transglutaminase tTG LgA<2 then the Tissue Transglutaminase identified a...
  5. Hey, I have Hashimoto’s Disease which is very similar being Autoimmune..I saw this because yeah, I experience this, but I found a way to relieve it..Hear me out..I tried hemorrhoid creams, Vaseline, etc, But you know, I started listening to my body when I ate..I eat Gluten Free now, but even Gluten F...