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Dr. Jennifer Sealey Voyksner

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Jennifer has 30 years of experience in government and industry-based R&D. She is a pioneering mass spectrometrist focused on allergenic protein marker discovery and allergenic protein analysis. She is the CSO and co-founder of ImmunogenX™, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies and diagnostics for autoimmune and gastrointestinal diseases. Most recently, she was a co-founder and Director of R&D of LCMS Limited in North Carolina, an independent analytical laboratory.

Jennifer was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002. This is an autoimmune disease related to ingestion of dietary gluten, for which there is no cure. She has since dedicated her professional and business career to bettering the lives of those who suffer from food-related diseases.

  1. Celiac.com 08/11/2017 - We are very pleased to provide an exciting update on our progress on bringing our therapeutic drug "latiglutenase" and our diagnostic disease management tool "CypCel" to market...