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  1. In response to Trisha's comment, there is a home urine test for the detection of gluten consumption called Gluten Detective. However it is only sensitive to 500 mg of gluten which is 10 to 20 times more than was detectable in method used in this study. And the methodology described in the article is not feasible as a home test but maybe it will be adapted one day? As a newly diagnosed person with celiac disease I was concerned about whether I was following the diet as well as I thought I was, so I bought and used the Gluten Detective kit for use with a stool sample - it is 10 times more sensitive than the urine kit and will detect 50 mg of inadvertent gluten ingestion in the previous several days. It is expensive for a single use test ($25) but I must say the results were very re-assuring that I had not been exposed to gluten. Around the same time I had my tTGA tested and, while still high 3 months after diagnosis and starting the gluten-free diet, my antibodies had dropped from 3600 to 150. So both those pieces of data re-assured me that I was on track to recovery. But it would be terrific to have a simple, quick & inexpensive home test kit to monitor our gluten ingestion.