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  1. Celiac disease is a disease primarily of the small intestine, although you can see some changes in the colon that are...
  2. There is a brand new review of Celiac Disease in the Annals of Internal Medicine that recommends testing in 1st degree...
  3. I don't think I've ever heard of a stool test for H.pylori... especially since it lives in the stomach. Hmm. Well, with...
  4. First, "allergy" is a bit of a misnomer, but alot of people use it because the preferred term, "intolerance," doesn't...
  5. heathen

    Fibromyalgia Or Celiac?

    The important thing to remember is that fibromyalgia should be diagnosed using very strict criteria AND after everything...
  6. I was having the same issues with the cookies being too crumbly. Now I blend the mix VERY WELL with a hand-held pastry...
  7. This drug is used to treat narcotics overdose. I'm not sure why it would be used for Celiac symptoms.
  8. This test is incredibly non-specific and does not diagnose anything. It's helpfulness is giving your physician an idea...
  9. Just one study... hard to change a gold standard test (the biopsy) based on just one study, although it would be nice...
  10. First, everyone MUST understand that it is only in the last 15 years that the medical community figured out that celiac...
  11. Regardless of anything nicotine might do to help our tummies, cigarettes are ALWAYS a bad idea. Multiple forms of cancer...
  12. I use Roben Ryberg's traditional crust recipe from "the Gluten Free Kitchen." I just add cinnamon to the mix to help...
  13. also, don't forget Boston's near the airport.
  14. heathen


    pain meds, especially ones with morphine or codeine in them, are notorious for constipation. make sure they aren't making...
  15. Stick to the salad bar This is what i have to do at the hospital. i also use the prepackaged dressings.