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  1. Hi Karen - I too have been looking for the sauce mix (I usually buy a box of Kraft Dinner and throw out all but the cheese package, substituing Tinkykada pasta). I found this at amazon .com http://www.amazon .com/Kraft-Macaroni-and-C...g/dp/B000I60JUW looks like the stuff they're talking...
  2. My daughter eats them and she's extremely sensitive. I checked the ingredients (no wheat/gluten) and confirmed with my two local McDonalds' restaurants that they ONLY fry fries in the fry-fryer, never anything else. The first time she had them she had a sore belly but no gluten symptoms. We...
  3. Chapman's in a box is marked Gluten Free as well as Peanut/Nut free - all important in our family. The taste is great and lots of variety.
  4. Well, my DD (just turned 5) is Celiac and the more I read about it (the first I ever even heard of Celiac Disease was February/March of this year), the more I think I have it (and have most of my life). The more my Mother reads about it, the more SHE think she has it (and had it all her life). ...