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  1. I am so sorry for the delay. I just used their generic email, and they replied! It is info@itsa10haircare.com. Good luck!
  2. All - I wrote to the nice folks at It's a 10 and received this very helpful list of gluten free (and not) products. Hope it helps for anyone else wondering. My favorite product (Volumizing spray) does have wheat (??), but I think I'll just hold my breath when I use it.
  3. Thanks for responding. I think it was the quinoa. I definitely washed/soaked it pretty well, so I don't think that was the issue. The more I looked into it, the more I saw other people having 'celiac like' reactions to quinoa. I do hope it's temporary. Cutting out dairy (for the most part!...
  4. Hi everyone. I have been gluten free since December when I was diagnosed. I am wondering if anyone else has had this (really) weird thing happen -- I have noticed that when I eat this recipe (http://food52.com/recipes/18012-quinoa-salad-with-hazelnuts-apple-and-dried-cranberries), very soon after...
  5. Celestial Seasonings teas are marked gluten free, and they have tons of different flavors.
  6. I wanted to share that I found a groupon for 50% off the regular subscription price for Gluten Free Living Magazine! https://www.groupon.com/deals/blue-dolphin-magazines-348 Yes, I know you can find lots of recipes online, etc. But I have always loved magazines, and I was bummed when I was...
  7. This makes me wish I were younger and could do this! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity...hope you find someone perfect! P.S. I was an au pair in France for a summer when I was in high school.
  8. If you live near a Sprouts grocery store, they are having a huge gluten-free sale! I picked up lots of items 40% off - yay! :-)
  9. This is interesting - I feel like I've been seeing a lot in the news about people going gluten free without a medical reason and thus hurting the rest of us that MUST be gluten free. This quote stands out: "41 percent currently were following some type of gluten-free diet, many because they...
  10. Welcome! It's a great community. If there are any near you, I suggest also looking for a local support group!
  11. Exactly the first thing I thought when I heard what he was suffering from. It's a hard balance, trying to educate my friends and family about celiac and symptoms (since it's so undiagnosed) without sounding like an annoying broken record.
  12. I should have added - I'm about ten days dairy free and and seen a marked improvement - so it seems to be agreeing with me!
  13. I was diagnosed with celiac about a month ago and have gone strictly gluten free (including cleaning out the kitchen, etc). I wasn't seeing much relief from only going gluten-free, so I reluctantly went dairy free as well. This is sad because do LOVE milk, cheese, etc - anything dairy! I am...
  14. Thanks for sharing! Always looking for uses for chia seeds. Do you happen to have the recipe in standard (US) measurements rather than metric? Did you have to convert?
  15. I had all of those symptoms a few weeks ago after I was diagnosed. It was a hellish week, but luckily for me only lasted about 6-7 days (I also got a wicked cold at the same time - no fair). Now I'm just trying to patiently wait for celiac symptoms to start going away! Funny story, my sweet...