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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, the scenario that started this proper etiquette thread here though stated we already insisted on eating earlier or bringing our own food and the host insisted on neither and that they would prepare safe food for us...
  2. For the situation that started this "what would you do", being a Celiac with lactose intolerance and UC, I would take the time to read the ingredients and then kindly educate the host on all the reasons why I could not eat any of the food...
  3. I am a Celiac and have been on a strict gluten-free diet for seven years and after recent stomach pains sent me to the hospital over a weekend went and saw my GI. Had colonoscopy and endoscopy done and am now diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis...
  4. Lifelong Celiac

    Phosphates in Processed Foods Equals Inflammation in GI Tract

    I think this article is a life saver. I've added the phosphates listed in this article to my "do not eat" list as some of these foods also listed in this article I eat regularly and have recently had major digestive issues despite my strict...
  5. Lifelong Celiac

    How Long Does It Take For Villi To Regrow?

    Agreed, it depends on the person and length of undiagnosis. I've had Celiac's for approximately 26 years but was only diagnosed 7 years ago (I'm 40 years old). I just went for my three year gastrointestinal imaging series and not only have...