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  1. To be honest, my blood test was normal & I had flattened villi. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010. Unfortunately, the best test for dx is to go through the "gluten challenge" where you would need to load up on gluten for 2 weeks before an endoscopy. That is the true marker for celiac...
  2. Is she taking any medication? Believe it or not, there are meds, including vitamins, that contain gluten. If you’re interested, look up glutenfreedrugs.com. It also includes cold medicines, etc. I hope she feels better. However, I’m surprised that it’s taking such a long time. I would’ve thought...
  3. Hi, Steve I’ve been gluten-free for 7 years due to celiac disease. However, based upon what you have described it sounds as if you may have developed Vestibular Migraines. Yes, you can have them without the classic “headache” associated with them. I’ve had migraines for years until 1-1/2 ye...
  4. My blood test was normal and I had flattened villi. Unt, the blood tests are not always accurate. For the biopsy, you will need to do a gluten challenge which means you need to load up on gluten prior to the biopsy. If you have celiac, you will be in agony as I was. Having said that, however, the...