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  1. GRRRRR,,,, That's what I thought. I had been wanting the DNA test. Will a DNA test thru another lab be OK?? thanks!
  2. My neurologist thinks my small fiber neuropathy is either from Sjogren's (which I have) or from celiac disease. I've been tested for it before (30 yrs ago) but they missed it. I...
  3. Just need to know if baking powder is safe!! Can't find it on the list.
  4. I'm sorry to post here.... I haven't been on this site for a few years. I need to know if baking powder is gluten free. I could not find it on the gluten free list on this site...
  5. Be careful when ordering rice at a restaurant. I have found out that in many places, gluten is in the rice. Dont' ask me why or how... it just IS!! I found out when ordering...
  6. So it's kinda like the biopsy. If I haven't been ingesting very much gluten, it's likely to come back negative? That's what happened to me when I had the biopsy years ago. I...
  7. Yes, my car went over the cliff allright! Thanks. So, the only thing I can do is be more careful with my diet?? What about the blood test? If it comes back positive, then...
  8. Ugh... They can't tell me if I'm celiac or not?? That STINKS!!!! So the only way is thru the biopsy?? .. which I refuse to do... Hi Rachel and Momma Goose!!!!!!
  9. Hey gang! It's been quite awhile since I've been here. I never REALLY had a definitive test for celiac disease... I don't think. I dont know if I'm a true celiac or gluten intolerant...
  10. Count me in! UGH! Dairy gives me the C also....as does gluten. I take magnesium, stool softeners without a stimulant, slippery elm, and chlorophyll. I also take a fiber supplement...
  11. Yes, the American manufacturers got it passed by saying it will help prevent Listeria infections. I believe they have added this to lunchmeats also!!
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