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  1. I think I got sick from Cheetos last night. Couldn't figure out what got me. Dang!!
  2. Don't do it! You have a 20% chance of finding Lyme through a spinal tap. And then you'd have some lame brain neuro deciding if it's lyme when he would have no clue. Your best bet is a blood test through Igenex Labs. If you can find a cooperative GP you can order the kit yourself and take it to...
  3. Here's another link on MS and Lyme...There is research in this one. Read all the way down. Lame Advertisementubb/ultimatebb.ph...ic;f=1;t=047154 Lame Advertisementubb/ultimatebb.ph...ic;f=1;t=047196 You got it!!!! Igenex is the best! My worst symptoms are on the left side too...
  4. Please be sure to get tested for lyme disease. Don't expect your neuro to use a good lab for this!!!!! Basically, neuros "don't do lyme!" you may be interested in this: MS and Lyme Lame Advertisementubb/ultimatebb.ph...ic;f=1;t=042877 Also...white lesions on the brain is common in lyme...
  5. Yes, I have it. It basically ended my teaching career 12 yrs ago. It is much better now....I thought it got better because of Lyme treatment.... I blamed Lyme for causing the bladder problems. It's not as bad now as in 1992 when I was dxd. Maybe it will be non-existent now that I"m gluten free...
  6. Good to hear about the ERA, because I love it!! What about Downy??
  7. They TRY all the time, don't they!! We all have to be vigilant to keep our supplements and natural food products out of their paws. They are all about MONEY, NOT the safety of the public.
  8. At least stevia is from a PLANT, not just a chemical.
  9. Equal can fry your brain....ditto for Splenda. I have some liquid stevia with vanilla flavoring. It's AWESOME. Does anyone know if it's OK? I haven't had time to call on that one yet. Don't worry about the FDA. Stevia is not a drug. All the FDA does is funnel money to the drug companies...