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  1. Thank you Ravenwood for your helpful and informative reply... I have to have some blood tests next week......so I will keep your advice in mind....thanks again Betty S
  2. Thanks for your quick reply,GFinDC, I will have a look at those atricles you recommended Betty
  3. I am 74 yr old female, dx with DH 2011, after 7 yrs telling docs.... "its not eczema" so I am still on Dapsone 1 tab a day......I am very careful with my diet, but when I go out to eat I sometimes get caught....I have been having trouble with a sore mouth on and off for about 12 months and this last year getting very sore....doc. put me on anti fungal tabs o n 2 different occasions ...it didn't work,so eventually sent to ENT who has dx she thinks (waiting for results of biopsy) its Oral Lichen Planus....I was dx with Lichen sclerosis about 2012, and use a strong steroid cream, Clobetasol, which keeps it reasonably under control Does anyone out there also have these 3 skin conditions? Betty
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