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  1. A friend had a daughter diagnosed a few months ago. She, her husband and their other two children were gene tested following. Friend was positive for one, kids were negative, and husband was positive for two. Husband was scoped Tuesday. Dr told him to go completely dairy free until the results come in as he has GI issues and dairy has been an issue in the past. Dr also told him is the biopsy is negative that rules out celiac being an issue for him for always. My understanding is that with both genes being positive he can at anytime develop celiac in the future. Trying to get some clarity for her so she can ask the dr better questions when they go back for biopsy results. Thanks!
  2. A friend of mine has a daughter who was just diagnosed with celiac so my friend, her husband and their two other children were gene tested. Kids were negative. My friend was only positive for one and her husband was positive for two. The dr had him do an endoscopy Tuesday. The dr said to go completely dairy free (he's had issues in the past with dairy) until they get the biopsy results. The dr has said that if it is negative that means he is free and clear for having AND developing celiac in the future. That isn't accurate or am I crazy?
  3. Just saw these comments. Started B12 and iron. Nothing crazy. I will look in to tyrosine. Thanks for trying to help me.
  4. On the lab report it says if symptoms such as restless leg are present at a level below 50 supplements may help. I do get restless leg as well as several other things so I'm wondering if that is part of my problem. My gliadin iga ab is 21. One point from being negative. SO close. Last time it was 41 and two yrs prior it was over 100 so still improving but not quite there. My vit D is 45. B12 167. Thyroid despite asking for the full panel plus antibodies like I always do it appears they only ran the TSH (1.913) and T3 antibody which was negative.
  5. Interesting. My ferritin level is 37. I've been complaining of exhaustion, hair loss and a few other things. All my labs including thyroid were normal so that was the end of that, but I know normal isn't necessarily optimal. First time they have ever checked my ferritin. Wondering now if supplementing a bit might be helpful for me.
  6. Last April I experienced awful pain in my face. Sent me to the ER. Absessed wisdom tooth. Awful pain. Pain meds didn't touch it. They tried three kinds. Antibiotic to kill the infection. Didn't help. Took three before it started helping. A week later I had them pulled at an oral surgeon office. Miserable. Antibiotics destroyed my stomach which probably made everything worse. Pain meds did more so I ditched those then took ibuprofen at bedtime to try to sleep. Then I got dry socket. They had to pack it. OW. Started feeling more human then I got the stomach flu. April was not kind to me. I blamed the endless awfulness on my body being stressed and having a hard time recovering from everything. I survived though! Hope the end is in sight for you!
  7. Yeh definitely sounds possible. I had hpylori twelve yrs ago and similar symptoms now that I think about it so I'm wondering if it's something like that or SIBO. Hoping it will improve in a few days. My probiotic was really strong so I think too much was too much. Just tryin to help myself and cause another issue. Figures
  8. Diagnosed two years ago and feeling run down I decided to start probiotics. I've had tons of labs done and everything is "normal" so I figured a probiotic couldn't hurt. Well.....it's labeled Gluten-Free which I know doesn't mean anything. Took it a few days and my stomach got weird. Stressful here so I blew it off. Ended up taking it for about four weeks before I quit several days ago. My stomach is noisy, rumbly, gassy, acidy and I've needed to make bathroom runs each day even on the simplest of foods. Different from my gluten symptoms. I think I've caused some sort of bacterial war in there. Can taking probiotics stir up trouble? What have I done? More importantly how do I fix it?! :-/
  9. The endos office called but I didn't answer. I wanted to see what people here thought first haha. To me I think thyroid, but I'm starting to think I'm just crazy. My numbers are always on the low end though. I had symptoms months before the glutening. When I call back tomorrow I'll ask about thyroid meds. IF she agrees is there anything I should ask for or avoid? If she says no I was thinking of trying a t3 supplement. Shrug. Not sure what else to try.
  10. O. Latest thyroid labs are back and "normal". I didn't ask numbers because I was frustrated. I had them run the gliadin iga ab while I was there too. That was the only test that was positive when I was diagnosed two years ago. My level then was >100. This time the level was 40. I know I was glutened the end of September so I feel 40 means I'm doing pretty well avoiding gluten minus that one time. So no real answers I don't think. :-/
  11. I don't have a bread maker, but do have a kitchenaid stand mixer. It's big and heavy and expensive, but I'm glad I have it. If you're thinking about getting one kohls has a Black Friday deal that's worth looking at. I have kids so maybe the mixer if more useful if you've got kids or cook for more than just one person. Nt sure of your situation, but figured id share the deal info.
  12. Well, no. Target ones are elbows, penne or rotini. BUT I've had jovial brand egg noodles. They come in a box. Closest thing I've found to real normal egg noodles so they may work for your recipe.
  13. Has anyone tried Targets Market Pantry Gluten-Free noodles? They're certified and cheaper than most if not all other brands. I order online with the red card to save a bit more and get free shipping. We all like them so worth a shot if you want to try something new.
  14. They didn't. The labs were run two and a half weeks ago and before I got confirmation on here that it should be done despite my drs saying otherwise. I was glutened the week prior anyway so it would've been high regardless. It's all very frustrating. So I guess I'll wait five or six months and go back and demand it vs asking about it.
  15. Long pause because I wanted my latest lab results and they took forever. Cortisol, ACTH, estadiol, vitamin a and whatever else were all fine. They are retesting my thyroid in four weeks. I definitely bought the wrong product and glutened myself a few weeks back so I guess that has to wait which really irritates me. My gliadin iga ab was greater than 100 almost two yrs ago at diagnosis so I guess sometime next yr I'll redo that and hope it's down :-/. Trying to do all the right things and get bad information from doctors. Thanks for all the info you've shared and helped me with. I've had lab work every month since May and will next month for the thyroid again. Sigh.
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