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  1. Very interesting. Well my GI booked me in for a followup. So I am guessing it is to tell me the biopsy was positive since he never books follow ups when all is normal.
  2. Some time ago I did food intolerance test with my naturopath. Wheat and gliadin came up as high (along with 34 other foods). I ate wheat for 3 weeks before my biopsy this past Friday. Wednesday of last week I was throwing up and so sick. FINALLY IT IS DONE!!! And I am done with wheat, gluten regardless...
  3. Hi, I hear you loud and clear. So, yes you have to be eating gluten for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks, equivalent to 2 pieces of bread a day, in order to have an accurate test. Going gluten free heals the intestine. So essentially you are trying to show the damage it does. I would suggest longer. For the...
  4. I have been 80-100% gluten free for years. I have been eating gluten for 3 werks pre-biopsy. I have thrown up, acid reflux is out of control, mouth sores and canker sores. Fatigue, puffy achy joints, head aches.... one week to go. I am needing encouragement and stories. My blood test was neg years...
  5. I hear you. I have been suffering over 20 years and FINALLY in a few weeks am getting a biopsy! Part of the reason is that I have often just not eaten gluten. I did a blood test and it was negative, but that was after being gluten free. I had not been eating very much gluten. And I did a genetics...
  6. Thank you for your encouragement. It is above and beyond appreciated. I have another question. Is it common to have pain where gallbladder is when glutened?
  7. Thank you for your response! I am in a kind of panic because it has been 30 years with no answers. Just "must be stress" and "itching is just a habit..." yet my skin is soooo itchy with these liquid filled bumps. I had them all over my arms, chest, back bum, scalp, neck, face and at one point thighs...
  8. Hi there, I am a 40 year old who has been dealing with stomach aches, mega skin rash and gastro issues since 8 years old. I also have had headaches. I was diagnosed with neurological-dermatitis (stress based itching) and eventually eczema, psoriasis, IBS. I have done IgA / IgG food testing with...