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March Update

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SO still getting over a gluten issue....I was unaware I kept on glutening myself with my tooth brush....threw it out and the D finally stopped but not have rebound constipation lol. Few days it should be fine, but lesson learned. I have some inconsistencies with vomiting...unsure if due to constipation or a new intolerance...I suspected flax seed at first, but then had some and not, not sesame seed my next one, and I have mixed results but doubt it is olive oil again (pretty sure over that one), I am thinking and dreading it is either psyllium husk, coconut, or almonds....and a third thought that it might just be this one bag of ground flax I have as it is a constant in the food diary with the vomiting...suspect rancid? OR it could be pea protein god forbid but that happens I am screwed lol. I save so much money replacing my egg whites with it, making protein chips with it, and using it for thickening etc. I hate the inconsistencies with my vomiting but I can not stick to my food rotations as I am trying to balance my diet and eating a bit of everything -_-.

I am working on a doughnut recipe, bit based off a in the projects cinnamon roll recipe. The cinnamon roll recipe was too dry and crumbly, so working on doing it with psyllum husk to make it chewy and gooey.  But that dry crumb texture if adjusted a bit bit more oil and using actual eggs (apple sauce was used in the rolls so I could keep it rawish gooey and not risk sickness from raw eggs) could make a fluffier doughnut hole.

Infection is back and I started a fund raiser to get the surgery.........$20 in fund raised and $40 in cash donations. Hopefully I can go ahead and deal with this.

My mother is finally going to see about getting tested this month for celiac.

OH I found a bar, British pub style near here that is owned by a celiac who has 2 celiac kids and the bar has a full dedicated gluten free kitchen only 2 items not gluten free are brought in from outside....a gluten free bar...I have mixed feelings they do have gluten beers by the bottle I noticed but if I stay away from the barn area I think I should be safe since the food is all gluten free. They have gluten free fish and chips, sandwiches, burgers, shepherds pie, etc. I am looking at the grilled salmon and cod and being able to go to a bar scene again without risk of getting sick -_- Recall when I stopped that s$#& 4 years ago...like even the water they served in a pitcher smelled of beer, the tables were sticky with beer....I got sicker then a dog any only ever had water there.....never again and gave up on that. Will report when I try it out.


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