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July Update 2019



Bit late but dealing with various issues.
Medical, oh recall the scope I went to get down and MOSTLY covered by medicare so I only had to pay $50 down and $50 a month for 4 months for the hospital? Well now the GI doc is billing AGAIN for some $10 (random) and then the LAB contacts me saying I need to pay over $2k for pathology reports....what?! I have to ask is there some law where they have to give cost up front for planned procedure that goes fine? Because hitting with bills like this should be criminal, it is like buying a car then being contacted by the window manufacture saying you still need to pay them for the windows. I am seriously just going to blow off this lab group as a scam....I already paid the hospital, the doctor, the anesthesiologist, and the GI doc separately....which is broken already. Who goes to to a fast food chain and gets billed separately for the Griddle guy, the fry guy, the drink guy, the cashier, and the window guy then randomly has the janitor send you a invoice in the mail to pay them?

Farmers market is really so hit and miss with people, Stir Fry was so random could sell almost all of it one weekend then next get one order, so I started mixing it up with a pepper, and kielbasa bowl (this is a Czech town), and sold only 3 orders, then tried salads with steak or cold cut roasted turkey, using turkey bacon crumbles and my own bagel croutons with primal kitchen dressings...sold 1 order but they randomly had a cooking demo giving away free food so that bogged it.
I started doing Sparkling lemonade, using Swerve Confectioners for sweetener with sparkling mineral water and lemon juice, again so hit and miss sold 12 cups one week 2 the next week then I sold 24 cups this weekend....Same goes for the bagles, cookies, almond butters, even my newest Keto Pound Cakes I started selling sells are random.

I am investing in a window display unit for my store front, again this is were shopping is retarded, a 48" bakery display case is over 4k new. and 2.5k used -_-. I found some countertop sliding door pass through units on FB market place for just 250 each (with bundle deal of $190 each if I get 2) Figured stack 2 of them for the equivalent of a actually display case and 1/4th the cost...at least it will be redundant in case of failure.

The curbside pickup concept is odd like 6 orders one week 0 the next and just today got in 3 orders. I do not do this for "profit" I do it to self support myself and my diet and help others...so when you get a bad week you wondering if you should go to walmart selfcheckout and "omit" scanning some food to get by without starving...heck the whole salad concept was due to lack of ingredient money lol.

Anyway I think next week I will mix it up and go to my roots and either do tacos or nachos using siete brand chips and tortillas.

Back to life, I recently found a book from a online novel ...I am addicted I have read 9 books in 5 days, I read it on my kindle while pacing in my hall and just lose myself walking over 26-28 miles while reading.
The protagonist deals with stuff like me and became broken like I used to be and slowly heals to a degree at least caring for those he loves and is close to. His trauma from school of being a outcast, beaten, betrayed, then even almost killed while being protected by a few girls is exactly like my life in school, heck even his struggles to live without help breaking him I can relate to....and yes it goes really mess up your personality and world view with a extreme detachment to anything that does not effect your way of life or those you care about.
I actually love how he openly deals with people....I have the exact thoughts in my mind while dealing with humans, but our society does not allow me to act them out without repercussions so I just keep it bottled up and act "normal" >,< I am a bit envious he found someone to support him.
The name of the novel roughly comes to "From common place to strongest in the world" but romanized Japanese is Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou And there is a english translated version I am reading. Amusingly they mad a Manga (comic) and a Anime (Animated Show) Series of it

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Sorry to hear of the Dr billing situation. I read a book last month (since you are talking about reading) that delves into healthcare and billing. It is titled An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal . She is a MD and and award winning journalist. She discusses the emergence of a la carte billing like you describe. It may not be your type of read, but maybe your local library or their ebooks selection has it and you can skim it to see if it would be helpful. My reading can be eclectic. It sounds like you are doing all you can on your end, but maybe something in the book may give you some others ideas/tools to negotiate this new bill should it become an issue.

Your food selections sound yummy and I am sure it is hard to determine your crowd flow. I hope you get good weather and hungry folks at the next farmers market.

You're making progress with the business. Interesting the new is 4k and used 2.5k . I would have thought it would be a better deal used. Steeper discount. Sounds like you figured out how to trouble shoot the windows display in your favor.

As for me Midwest weather is heating up and today I erupted in patches of DH.? No cc exposure I am aware of as I know of. I've read on the forums here uv and weather can trigger DH flare even if no diet exposure. This may be true for me too.

I eat only at home. This happened last Summer too July seems to be my vulnerable month weather wise. Mind of its own. I look forward to a summer when my DH decides to go in remission. That'd be great.

Edit: was not weather my error. I discovered the slip in of gluten people refer to rum Bacardi Superior some celiac sites say all Bacardi is safe but Silver. Bacardi doesn't call Superior "silver" however it is listed next to black and gold and has a silver label. I had a drink with superior which sadly I now know is nicknamed silver . Hard lesson and a ruined blender.

Happy July 


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