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Kitchen and Life Upgrades



So I got a good deal at a restaurant auction for a prep center brand new at 1/30th retail. Seems the manufacturer of the custom unit forgot something looking at design notes....it was supposed to be modular to fit in a building. Well it is one solid 97"x48" stainless unit welded to a steel frame, which requires removing my door, removing the door frame, and using a engine hoist from the machine shop next door and 4 guys to to get in on its side.

Next issue I am having to address is now to see about investing in a A/C upgrade, autoimmune fevers and a house that can not be cooled below 75 is a pain. I think it might have to do with the 2 commercial fridges, 3 freezers...I only run the baking ovens before sun up for half this reason. Thinking perhaps a few portable ones I can duct to the outside, probably next month when I can MAYBE afford it. Does not help that since I started eating animal products again I actually sweat and now have oily skin....oddly when I was not eating any animal products aside from egg whites I would not sweat no matter how much I worked out or in the heat.....might go back to that diet just so I do not have to shower 3+ times a day.

Next part, I finally upgraded my business to a website with a shop page for my local customers to buy and pick up orders. Doing decently and they love the concept. With new laws I can sell online, but limited in where it can be sold to, and some other regulations. Will have to wait for getting a new place with my own safe commercial commissary kitchen separate from my main one (Since my kitchen is not walled off from my living area it can not be used). Should happen in 2-4 years I just have to wait.

I also rotated off Pumpkin Seeds for the first time in awhile, I find my insomnia comes back and I have to take melotonin to sleep.


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