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August Update 2019



So been playing with a few things and testing some waters.

Recipe wise I have 3 different chocolate chip cookie recipes I do now for my bakery the last 2 developed these last few weeks, one puffy soft cookie, one flat soft slightly chewy cookie. I was inspired by National Chocolate Chip day earlier in the week. My previous ones had the texture of a crunchy chips ahoy.
I been talking with my mom about recreating my grandmas tamales using a recipe I found for corn free low carb ones and using my grandmothers seasonings. Growing up in a Hispanic family...and being the only grandchild to learn from my grandmother how to make them it means a lot to me though I have to change it due to the corn allergy.

Next up I tried Mexican dishes for a week...started off with minor issues...but after  8 days My body was freaking out, BM issues, So I backed off the peppers these last few days and doubled the tomatoes....now I am just pure liquid 8-10 times a day. I think I have a nightshade issues....and my intestines hate tomatoes so back to them in extreme moderation as flavor enhancers and not main ingredients. Funny considering what I grew up with.

I have a convention in 10 days...hoping I am feeling better by then...I would hate to be having these issues while there. Packing meals for me and my roommates for 4 days -_ - going to be needing 2 fridges. I am really stressed about getting sick while there, and paying for this....The hotel each year raises the prices for the hotel rooms, back in 2013 when I started I could get 4 nights for $460 now it is $579 for 3 nights and I am splitting with others. I am seriously debating renting a small Class B (Large Van fits in standard parking) RV and just paying for parking....funny that is cheaper. Also needing to cut a bit to fit into a suit >.< So going lower fat, higher protein for a week prior. Using some leftover Paleo Herb Bread (a bread for dipping in soups or eating with a topping) from my bakery and blending into porridge or egg white bakes for lunch and slowly cutting back on breakfast fats forcing my body to cut my own fat for fuel on a keto diet.

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