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Traveling, Hotel, and Convention



So two weekends ago I was sharing a room in a hotel with a couple for a convention I was attending with my normal chef kit set up and brought tons of baked goods, full on meals, etc all Paleo and gluten free enough for the 3 of us 3 meals a day for 4 days with snacks (about $150 worth). I set ground rules of no corn, or gluten in the room since I react the worst to them....well it went pretty bad. They could not seem to grasp this concept and kept bringing in and spilling corn based cokes (I provided cane sugar ones for them) which caused various allergic reactions.....I ended up going through 25 days wortth of antihistamines and a few bottles of liquid stuff.
They also brought beers into the room but these I quickly gave to the maids and told them they were only allowed to bring in rum, wine, or tequila. They kept blowing off meals after saying what they wanted I cooked it then they were no longer hungry....I always just gave the food to others who loved it and were thankful. 
Few other incidents of the guys drunken antics, a bit like a man child in nature and completely illogical, there was another incident that I will not go into details of where I had to forcefully remove him.
All in all..it was not worth what  I was paid for the room and food, the stress and work I had to do where well worth twice what I got.

Oh and for the first time I had a hotel get onto me about a induction cook top, and they made me take it out the room but when I insisted I required a method to cook due to medical issues they brought me a microwave and I just used my back up nordicware microwave cookware.
NOTE for next year...get new roommates that understand rules and do not party hardcore....bring my own microwave and cook set and try to enjoy the con.



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