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September 2019 Update



Well I started off doing breakfast bars at the farmers market yesterday.
A unforcasted thunderstorm rained it out but I ended up with 6 orders from regulars for curbside pick up lol. I still have all my baked goods in the display fridge in the store front window but low sales there. >.< I did go ahead and chop up toast, and currently dehydrating the bagels into bagel chips. I think I will be eating waffles, turkey sausage, paleo bread, and cookies for the next week lol

I rearranged my house a bit, I moved my bedroom from the smallest room to the next size up due to it having better cooling (2 air vents) >.< I technically have 2 guest rooms now unused...though the largest one  needs a remodel since I pretty much just use it for storage.

I am starting to break from loneliness a bit, I mean dating is a pipe dream with my restrictions, mental issues, and area..trust me I have been trying online dating, meeting people at conventions, expos, and meet ups for years to no avail. heck hard enough to come by friend...

Speaking of Expos I am volunteering at the local Nourished Festival (gluten free expo) in Dallas this month and I am volunteering at the beyond celiac 5k run in Dallas.

Bakery wise I have added 2 new chocolate chip cookies to my line up, we now soft baked cake like ones and chewy ones in addtion to my chips ahoy knock off.
Working on waffle options for my catering trying to keep keto macros with a soft fluffy texture while being paleo is troubling...to much almond flour is cost prohibitive, too much coconut flour is dry and a bit gritty, and to get the fluffy texture involves using a bit of tapioca starch...explains why most use mostly tapioca starch but I need this to not spike my glucose or flare my UC, but almost there.
On the waffle subject fun recipe from miracle noodle. called a chaffle which is a cheese waffle, I did it with vegan mozz instead using that miracle noodles, almond flour, eggs, and baking powder, then upped the time to 10 mins and they were wonderful.


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