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Mixed Day.



SO today was a mixed day.

First thing this morning my emotional support animal died, I talked on a forum for his kind and his quick and sudden death was said to sound like he ate something poisonous. I figure a wild cricket got in to his enclosure and he ate it. (their is poison applied around the outside of the building)

Moving on from that, I think I perfected making a hostess doughnut knock off and will post this later
I found I could modify my monkeybread/cinnamon doughnut recipe with collagen instead of pea protein to make it MUCH better...but collagen is $45 a lb vs buying 5lbs of pea protein for $45
I also found out a way to finally get breading to stick...and a awesome new breading for fried/oven fried foods like chicken. Again I will post about this later..but it basically involved not doing the milk dip/flour and just making a batter with mayo, egg, mustard then rolling in your dry breading.
New game came out today and I got it for free via a promotion on my console, been playing that a bit.

>.> When I am Stressed I tend to rage cook


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Thanks guys doing much better now, started actively looking for friends or more on some apps..sorta needed a kick  to start looking for human connections...will update on that report later....I feel this is turning into a experiment on social interactions in the digital world -_- Seriously the results so far have me writing a report more amused at the types of interactions I am getting.

I did the Nourished festival (Gluten Free Expo) again...5 years volunteering seems as the organizer mentioned while talking with me. Found a few new products....said hello to a few companies and reps I have known for years...and arranged about getting a wholesale set up with Swerve Sweetener. After I swung by Restaurant Depot and grabbed 30lbs of egg whites and 20lbs of Turkey Sausage Links so set for a month there.

I am wondering if I should get another support animal...thinking a dessert iguana this time, would use the same set up as my dragon did but only eats veggies and fruit so much less expensive to feed. I am not really sad, more lonely, I miss saying hi to someone every time I walked into the living room or came home, or someone to talk to and vent. Just feels like something is missing now.

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Would it be possible to get some sort of support animal that you could take places with you - that might lead to some conversations/friendships?  Animals are a great way to break the ice but I don’t know if an iguana travels well.  I used to take a golden bearded dragon to visit people for pet therapy visits. (Not my dragon, belonged to a vet at the humane society).

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I know what you mean.  When I have lost a pet, it’s the same thing.  You come home and you say hello.  If you hear a noise, you look to see what the pet is doing.  Now. You hear a noise and look and realize it’s just the refrigerator knocking or a grocery bag the A/C blew off the counter.  

The good news is, there are lots of different pets that need a home.  Shelters sometimes have lizards, or snakes, if you want that.  I have gotten guinea pigs from the shelter.  You might not want a furry animal tho.  

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