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Dr Won't Test Me For Celiac Because I Don't Have "classic" Symptoms

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Thank you all for the info regarding the tests! I just took the Biocard test last night and it was negative. I wanted to wait longer so I could eat more gluten but I just feel so horrible! Yesterday I just stayed in bed all day because my stomach hurt badly and the thought of wearing anything other than loose PJs sounded awful. I'm going to try and be referred to a GI doctor and maybe get those other tests, because there is no way this is normal lol

I did get tested for certain vitamins about a month ago, and those results just came back showing my iron is high?? I know that isn't causing my problems because I've had them for a decade and my iron was never high before. I don't know...

I hope everyone had a good weekend! :)

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I'm sorry you're having such a tough time getting a doctor to help you. Is it a possibility to go to a walk in clinic and ask a random Dr. there if they'll test you?

I am in Alberta - thankfully the ttg iga test is covered by Alberta Health and my doc was willing to send me for it. Unfortunately if that one test comes back negative (as mine was) then you're screwed because that's the only celiac test the labs run (unless your ttg iga is high - then they'll also run the ema iga as well). We have no antigliadin iga or igg, no ttg igg, no dgp tests - nothin'. If you're willing to drive over the border and pay for tests out of pocket, you may have more luck having the tests run in the states. They seem to run a lot more of these blood tests then they do here in Canada. At least then you'd know you had a complete celiac blood panel done. 

And if all that fails, you may have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Symptoms are just as real as celiac symptoms but without the proof! Hang in there - I hope you are able to get some answers. :)

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