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Gluten Free Fiber - Fiber Well Gummies

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Hi All,

I have been still struggling with getting my numbers down completely (186 down to 35.5 tTG, but has been similar number three months after) at my 1 year checkup, so i naturally have been going back to the drawing board with everything i have been eating. One of the biggest things i tried to take out was my Psyillium husk fiber supplement, a generic version of Metamucil, as i have seen that they "play the PPM game". I took Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies by CHurch and Dwight early in my original diagnoses a year ago and seemed to have no problems (i dont have significant symptoms, I cant tell if i am lucky for that or not). I am looking to pick up a better gluten free fiber supplement, so i am inquring if anyone has had success with these gummies or has this been a possible factor in my inability to completely "cure" the disease?  


I have not been successful in locating a specific link to this product itself so if this already exist please feel free to direct me to. 


I appreciate any help with this, afterall we are all in this together right?



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