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Went To Dermatologist

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I was at the In-laws for Mother's Day and got glutened accidentally. The good thing was that I had an appt. with the new dermatologist on Monday and the blisters came back, but only between my fingers and couple on my palm. She was able to see it, though, and thinks that it is DH. She couldn't get a good biopsy, though because of the locations. She said to just call if I get glutened again and she can biopsy it if I get a big blister in a better area. It's just good to have an idea of what's going on. I never considered myself as a candidate for gluten intolerance until I went gluten-free while breastfeeding my celiac daughter. It's amazing that I didn't have the GI issues and only had joint pains, itchy blisters and irritability, all caused by what I was eating. It's also great to have found a doctor who listens and doesn't think I'm crazy!!! :D

I did explain to her how important it is for us to have topical products that are gluten free. She had never even thought about this. That's when I whipped out the charts I have made tracking my daughter's weight and how it dropped off when she was continually exposed to a gluten filled lotion. (OK, I know I'm a math geek, but I had a point to prove!) :P She was amazed at the data and is going to look into it more for her other patients. Slowly, but surely, we're educating the doctors and getting the word out!! :D

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Holy moly! I just talked to my sister today about being tested for Celiac. My other sister and I both tested positive. I told her about DH and she told me she gets itchy blisterlike lesions on the palms of her hands. I had never heard of getting DH there. I was skeptical DH would be the cause, thought maybe it was something else. Maybe not!

Thanks for sharing! You just never know how something that seems insignificant can help another person.


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