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Chris E

Please Please Please Please Help

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I've heard blood test can come back negative even when you have celiac. My biopsy was positive but my gi still wants me to do a blood test and start the gluten-free diet. If you haven't had a biopsy for it you should. I haven't had all though symptoms but I do have tingling in my legs and arms (especially the legs), severe leg cramps in the middle of the night, anxiety, depression, and I am ALWAYS exhausted and feel weak

Hi all,

As some of you are probably aware i have had celiac symptoms since feeling extremely fatigued nearly a year ago with my symptoms including tiredness, D (on and off), regular floting/yellowish/frothy stools, join pain, bone pain, back ache, severe brain fog (although this has cleared up now) and depression/anxiety. When this first started i lost a lot of weight, but have since put it back on and i am now rather over weight with a big appetite.

When i first started to feel unwell i kept getting pain and aches behind my breast bone, armpits and chest area (im 20 year old male) These went away, but have recently returned and i went to my doctor today and she listened to my chest and felt the breast bone and said that it was nothing to worry about. Another major problem that i have experienced the whole time is a tingling burning feeling down the backs of my legs when i walk.

I regularly seem to get pain in my stomach area (upper left hand side) althought the whole of my intestines seem to grumble at me often and i have extreme wind. During this time i have also had shingles which hurt like crazy and now i seem to get an ithy spot keep coming and going on my right arm (weird eh?).

As for testing i've had a colonoscopy, a white cell scan and barium swallow. I have also had blood tests for celiac disease which came back negative. A certain liver enzyme test seem to come back elevated everytime they are tested although my doctor said that this can happen and is nothing to worry about ( am i right in thinking this could be celiac related? As for the white cell scan..... the GI said that it hinted at some inflammation in the small intestine and he therefore ordered a barium swallow to look at this further. Conclusion was that this showed nothing and therefore said there was nothing wrong with me...... i got the good old IBS diagnosis. Is a barium follow through sufficeint to look for possible celiac? Would inflammation of the small intestine hint at celiac?

When i met with my doctor she has referred me for a second opinion with another GI, but says she does not at all think it is celiac related because the blood tests are fine (don't know what tests they have done.... i live in UK). Could i still be celiac with this negative blood work?

Sorry to go on for a bit, but i now really can't take much more of feeling like this everyday. I know its not "depression/anxiety" something is causing it. What afe peoples viewpoint of my symptoms/tests? Has anybody else had a simialr expereince?

Thank you


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