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Well, I just got my results back today. They were positive. I had the ttg done. Now I feel like I actually belong here. :lol: I had been gluten free for 2 months when I had the test. Btw, my arthritis pain has gone away mostly. I still have pain in my knee at times. But my hands are better. Yeah! Go Gluten Free! It has helped me tremendously. I hate so much to be cc tho. I feel like I have to start all over with my bowels. sheesh. I need to be soooo careful.


homeschooling mom to 12 yr old son

helpmeet to wonderful husband of 13 yrs

dx Myasthenia Gravis 1998

Official Celiac dx 6/2008

Gluten Free since 6/5/07 (with the exception of 6 weeks and any cc)

Positive Enterolab Result 8/23/07

Positive bloodwork 6/2/08 after eating gluten for 6 weeks

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Hi, Welcome newbie officially diagnosed person :D:D:D

So glad your arthritis is better. I am helping a friend go gluten-free that has bad arthritis in her knees, she is also overweight, but I think that she will lose the weight gluten-free because she once lost it all on Atkins, but then gained it back...

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