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Lukken - Belgian Waffle Cookies

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Well, so I decided that this year for Christmas I was going to try and make several holiday favorites for my sister and I (both with Celiac, one with severe symptoms, one with hidden symptoms)...

If any of you have ever made Lukken, a Belgian waffle cookie --- they are pretty tempermental to begin with - and let me tell you, after fudging with the recipe several times, well, I think the Lukkenizer (iron) is going back to dad's house...

I tried adding more gluten-free All Purpose Flour.

I tried adding 1/2 the xanthan gum.

I tried 1 tsp per cup of xanthan gum.

I tried more xanthan gum.

I tried a little more GL flour...

Then, well... the cookies wouldn't come out "whole" -- they kept separating into two very thin halves so I would hurry up and take the thin layers out and manually squish them together.

Then there's the taste --- let's just say dashing on some powdered suger helps --- A LOT...

Would I ever make them again?

Only if someone has some advice...


Thank you!

p.s. Just made a brownie / cream cheese swirl cupcake/cake thing...smells good but too hot to try!!!

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