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Kelkin Gluten Free Porridge

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There are very few places to get gluten-free oats in the US, because they are usually processed in the same facilities along side wheat. Also, the CODEX standard (which Europe uses for food labeling laws) allows for a certain amount of gluten, which many turn out to react to.

Some Celiacs can have oats, some cannot. If you know you can without the immune response, try Googling for gluten-free oats.

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iirc Kelkin gluten-free porridge does not have oats in it. It's made from ground millet and rice.

idk where to find it in the US though.

gluten-free 25 Feb 2011
soy-free 30 March 2011

dairy-free 30 August 2011 (roughly)

25 yrs old
diagnosed Celiac through biopsy and blood test (WAY positive) as of 25 Feb 2011

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