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Went To New Gi Doctor Yesterday!

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I had an appt with a new GI dr yesterday and he seemd pretty on the ball. I told him of the gluten issues which have come to light. he wasn't dismissive but suggested the endoscopy for a final diagnosis. I told hime that I had been avoiding gluten for about 2 months now. His response was you are still reacting and you could beggeting it form somewhere. I told him that I fell better when I am off the gluten but find that I am reacting to soy, eggs, peanuts and milk. Yesterday was a bad day as i was sooooooooooo bloated and felt soooooo twisted. It wasn't a sick feeling like eating gluten just like an spastic attack. I had it right after having espresso in the morning. I was trying to avoid milk so I thought I would be safe with that. Bad idea i was in pain all day. he couldn't even do an exam...everywhere he tried to touch or push was bloated and caused pain!. He said that I could have a gluten problem and IBS aws well that flares up realy bad from time to time. We also discussed past history and I mention about a diagnosis of Giardia forma few years ago and treatment with Flagyl (even though later we found out the stool results were negative). He wants me to do a stool test now just in case it is. He said they have better ways of detecting it now. so i guess that's pretty painless and I will try it. He also wants to do a small bowel follow though which I DO NOT want to have . I had it 5 years ago and it showed nothing. He said that he want s to make sure I don't have strictures. I told him that I had surgery 6 months ago for adhesions and went to Germany to have it done because of their excellent treatment there and the fact that they can use a barrier gel(Spraygel) to help the adhesions from not forming again. So far...so good. (It took 7 surgeries to get to this point and I no longer have horrific pulling pain that lasts forever after a bowel movement)

He wanted to put me on the normal librax, levsin, donnatol to help the spasms ...but I told him they realy didn't work. I told heim that Zelnorm helped a lot more and he put me on that. I only take it in spurts when I have bad flare-ups. so this is where I at right now. I'm not sure I want to do the endoscopy or the small bowel follow thorugh ( i hate drinking that stuff) but I will do the stool test.

I am moving up north in 2 months and if I can hang on I would like to go to someone who is a genius in celiac or at least has more of a specialty in it. Maybe Columbia Presb...I've heard good thing about them and checked out their site.

On another note...when I left the GI dr I got a call from the GYN...on my cell while at the Target pharmacy. He calledc to tell me that I had osteoporisis. The bone densit showed a 10% more bone loss in the hips and spine. I was so freaked out I cried in the store(after I hung up)! My gyn was sooooo sympathetic. He is a new dr for me too. I've had such a run around in the past years with what has been going on with me. He feels that other drs missed the diagnosis of the food intolerances and blamed it on GYN....resulting in a total hysterectomy 2 years ago from such sever adhesions (they severd an artery during one procedure starting an avalanche of more ahdesions!) and and no HRT for 2 years (they didn't want to feed the endomterioisi..hmmmm) so now here I am....all this other stuff going on and the original problem still not yet resolved. I guess you could say that I am angry. Last night I was a basket case. This morning I am addressing it differently.

OK>>>>>>>.enough rambling..

another day of trying to make it right. Now if I could only get my gut to simmer down!



10 years of abdominal problems, incorrectly diagnosed with Endometriosis / suffered 7 surgeries. Total hysterectomy 2 years ago!

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Interstitial Cystitis ,IBS, Migraines, Primary Immune Deficiency to name a few. Finally realizing that food intolerances make them all worse!

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