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Bellacinos Chix Ceasar Salad No Croutons W/ceasar Dressing

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Folks I had this salad and at 5pm I was in the bathroom for a hour straight pooping. I had a attack. I guess it was diarreah since it was long and skinny stool and smelled so bad. I'm wondering is it possible that I have a yeast problem too since I ate a lot of gluten-free animal crackers this morning or was the salad to rough for my body. My doctors say I have ulcerated colitis, but I have to be to differ. I believe something is causing the inflammation and the ulcers. I'm 3 years into this and it's horrible.

Any suggestions? The owner said the chix is gluten free. But usually it's more like bread, cereals that get me bad.

Does anyone else have unformed mush stools?

thanks for being honest.

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