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Is This Withdrawal?

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This is day 4 of the gluten-free diet for me. Within the first day, my gas and bloating were completely gone. Also, my constant sugar and carb cravings disappeared right away. I've been able to eat until I'm just satisfied, then quit, without a desire to eat any more. Before, I would eat and eat, way past comfortably full, because I always wanted more food. Prior to going gluten-free, I had these symptoms every single day, at every single meal to some degree. I also had a more positive outlook almost immediately (I struggle with anxiety and "blue moods", but not really depression). These items alone were enough to convince me to press on.

Last night, I had a really hard time falling asleep and I tossed and turned all night. Today, I've felt anxious a little more - especially when I'm hungry - but nothing unmanageable. Then, about an hour after lunch today (gluten-free, I'm 100% sure), the diarrhea started. I have a feeling it's not completely gone yet, because I just have that full, nauseated feeling that I always get when I have it. I should mention, though, that D was never one of the symptoms that made me suspect gluten. I'm one of the minority with constipation instead.

So do these things sound like withdrawal? Even though it's no fun, it's kind of exciting, because if I'm in withdrawal, surely that indicates that I had an addiction and therefore an intolerance. Which would mean I've finally found what's wrong with me.

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