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Had My Scopes Yesterday

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I had my endoscopy and colonoscopy Friday morning. The prep and procedures went fine and I will get the full results by the end of next week. I will be surprised if I test positive for Celiac Disease because the blood test came back negative several months ago.

I went gluten free for several weeks this summer and I felt great. My ibs symptoms lessened and became more manageable, I was able to lose weight (I have been eating very healthy and I am overweight and striving to lose over the next year). I started eating gluten again in August to make sure the tests would be more accurate.

No matter what the tests show I plan to go as gluten free as possible as I think the long term benefits will be worth it. I enjoy many gluten free products and I am lucky to have several markets that carry these products in my city.

I will keep you all updated about the results next week.

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