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Eat Gluten Before Taking Celiac Test?

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Does anyone know if you still have to eat gluten b4 taking the celiac test? If so, for how many days?

Also, what is the name of the test?

Can my family doctor give it to me?

Will insurance pay, usually?


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Standard blood tests at the doctor's office consist of a panel of:

Total IgA

Anti-gliadin IgA

Anti-gliadin IgG

Tissue Transglutamase (sp?) IgG

Endomyosial Antibodies

Unfortunately, in order to be reasonably confident that there is enough damage to the intestines to cause the antibodies to get into the bloodstream in quantities to detect, you need to be eating the equivalent of 3 slices of (wheat-based) bread per day for 3 months.

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