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Hi all,

I've gotten some great advice from this board, and am hoping someone might be able to assist with some ongoing issues I have.

I was diagnosed with celiac 5 months ago, and immediately went on the diet. Early on I also discovered intolerances to dairy, soy, peanut butter, and high fatty foods, which I scrupulously avoid. My 5+ loose BMs a day have resolved into just one BM over time, but I still have one on-going symptom: gas pressure. I do not eat any processed foods, and everything is completely natural (meat, veggies, rice/quinoa, etc).

In sum, I'm fine in the morning until lunch, when the gas pressure (but no bloating) starts, about 30 minutes after I eat. The pressure is 2-4 inches below my belly button-- I think in my small intestine area. This gas pressure mostly stays in this area, although I am able to pass some of it, in time, as flatulence. The gas pressure builds up all day, and becomes quite uncomfortable at night. It disappears about an hour before i have to go the bathroom in the morning. I noticed the the largest increase in gas pressure at month 4 when my transit time increased from 4-8 hours to 12-24 hours, and I started to go to the bathroom just once a day.

I have no idea what is causing the gas pressure. All I can think is that my system is still healing and this will take some more time to work itself out? I don't think that its another food intolerance as I have tried an elimination diet, and the gas was still present. It also always follows the same schedule, regardless of what I eat.

Anyone experience this? Any advice?



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