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Celiac Symptom Or Not?

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I have an ongoing bowel issue and still can't figure out if it is connected to celiac or gluten. When I stick to a very strict diet my BM's are fairly normal, however, whenever I stray from my diet, eat foods i dont normally eat or even eat in a restaurant on occasion I develop loose, very thin stools that float and sometimes have a foul odor. My colon is very sensitive to a wide range of foods so again i'm not sure if gluten is doing this, but its frustrating because even if I eat things that are "gluten-free" and get these symptoms I will never eat those foods again. For the holidays I was home in NY and did my best to stick to my diet, but my folks dont eat the way I do so I had to manage with what they had.

The first night home my mother saved me some steamed shrimp, vegetables and brown rice from the chinese restaurant and told me she ordered it plain and requested no sauce. I didnt wanna upset mom so I ate it and I think it was fine.

Next Few days I ate what I normally eat (brown rice pasta, chicken, vegetables, etc) and then for xmas I ate at my sisters who herself is gluten intolerant, and she prepared all my food separate.

Next day I went into NY and had lunch at the Candle Cafe (gluten free menu) and for dessert found a gluten free bakery...this was all last week

For the past few days my colon has been in a knot and my stools are thin and floating again so it has me thinking that either gluten slipped in somewhere or the symptoms are a result of eating things i dont normally eat.

Can anyone shed some light on this? thank you very much


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You could be intolerant of other foods besides glutens. I would suggest keeping a journal and see if there's a commonality or pattern to when you are bothered. I also suffered from a leaky gut in the beginning and had to heal it before some foods that were hard for me to digest would work for me again. 2 wkd of taking a probiotic helped that greatly. I have also noticed I am much,much more sensitive to greases in foods affecting me in the same way. Of course, cross contamination is always a strong possibility.

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