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Hi everyone,

It looks like I might have coeliac disease after all.


Well between 18 months and 14 years of age I lived Gluten-free as an atypical coeliac sufferer (On the heavy side rather than underweight and no symptoms since I was a baby) I was then biopsied after weeks and weeks of bread (capsule attached to suction type) and was told (as far as I can remember!)"Oh, no trace of celiac disease after all, go eat what you like." :blink: So I did. Never got a liking for brown bread or pasta, I would quite happily live on rice. White bread was fairly cloying, but I put up with it for the convenience of sandwiches.

Roll on a quarter of a century (during which I start smoking and stop smoking):

I've started getting lower gut pain, and what appears to be IBS, have a patch of "exzema" on one hand that just doesn't shift, permanent tiredness/listlessness. So I went to the doctors. According to my records celiac disease is an ongoing problem of mine. Nice of them to tell me! :angry:

Anyway I've had the bloods drawn for a bank of tests and provided the "other" sample.

So just a matter of waiting now.

Has anyone else got experience of falling off the gluten free wagon for years before going back on?

And how do I cope without my favourite Real Ales??? :(

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