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Stomach Scope And Blood Tests Negative

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I was experiencing many symptoms of Celiac until I went off wheat. Now for the first time in...I don't know when - my stomach has stopped feeling sick!

However, I had a colonoscopy and stomach scope done, blood tests, etc. this past summer which came up negative. Only thing that showed up was some intestinal inflammation.

Could it be a False Negative? my doctor is no help and says the reason I'm underweight and have health problems is because I don't eat enough... :blink:

Do you think I have Celiac or could it be a wheat allergy?? I had some barley a while back and didn't have any ill effects...

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Yes it could have been a false negative. If going gluten free solves your issues then you may have had a false negative. How many biopsies did the doctor take? Do you have the actual report results that you could post? There are changes that take place before the villi are totally gone and not all doctors recognize them. Most importantly IMHO is how your body reacts to being gluten free. If it takes care of your problems then you have your answer.

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