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Question About Digestion

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I will explain my main digestive complains. My digestive issues have been slowly getting worse. It's mainly a feeling of bloating and fullness and constant pain for most of the day. Food definitely makes it worse, however even when I wake up the bloating/fullness feeling is still there and I'm never hungry and basically have to force my self to eat. I also get diahreea sometimes and whenever I use the bathroom it feels like I never empty out completely. My diet is fairly good, when I do eat that is, it's usually healthy. I hardly eat any dairy or anything like that either. I even have troubles drinking water and stuff like I used to due to this fullness problem. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they came back normal ! Did they miss something?

Is this celiac or a gluten senstivity? As I have other systemic problems that could be related to gluten as well. Has my gut lining been destroyed? It almost feels like the food gets stuck or doesn't travel nearly as fast as it used to through my stomache. I have tried pssylium husks, probiotics etc. Probiotics seemed to help digestion very slightly but not significantly.

These digestive problems are causing me extreme discomfort so any advice would be appreciated.


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Were they looking for celiac when they did the endo? If they weren't and they didn't take the biopsies needed then they wouldn't always find it. Even when they are looking for it in and endo it can still be missed but damage is not always visible just looking through the scope. Have you had a complete celiac panel done? If not then do ask your doctor for one.

You do also have the option of just trying the diet strictly and seeing if it helps but if it does but you later want a doctors diagnosis you would need to go back on gluten for a few months to get tested.

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