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New To gluten-free Living, What To Drink?

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Hello everyone, this site is so helpful, and this topic may already be posted.

But what does a person drink without having all that sugar in pop and juice? anything with sweetner (all diet products) turns my stomach on boil! And if you have a juice or something its loaded with sugar. Any ideas? also acoholic beverages that are save would be nice to know? I have read everything is fine to everything is made with wheat products! so confused!? And any advice on tricky products you think are gluten free but are not? Thanks to anyone who answers all my questions..i have so many more :( its only been 2 weeks...

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Well, ya know there is always plain old water :)

If juice is too sweet, you can water it down or dilute it with tonic water too. Juice is inherently sweet, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. You can get no added sugar cranberry juice (just make sure they don't replace the sugar with sweetener). Apple and Eve have really good juice as does Northland if you like cranberry.

Soda has never agreed with me, esp. cola. Give me horrible stomach/intestinal problems. If I drink soda I drink ginger ale, and never the diet stuff. Give me sugar instead of fake sweetener!!

Herbal teas are great as are black and red teas, use milk or some milk substitute if you have a problem with dairy.

If you are into juicing, you can do that too: like carrot juice, spinach and blueberries and add some ground flax seeds.

As for alcohol, most even those that started out with wheat or rye mash (like scotch) seem to be fine, that is what I have read. The distillation process, they say, seems to get rid of any of the offending gluten, but I haven't tested that personally so I can't speak to it from experience. And I can't explain it well enough to tell you how, maybe someone else can?

There's lots of choices, I think!


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This is what I understand distilling means: Its like when you make chicken soup. You open the lid & the steam comes out. It smells like chicken soup but there are no pieces of chicken or carrots in the steam. When they distill liquor or vinegar - they catch that steam & when it cools, it turns back into liquid. The big chunks it came from don't go up into the steam. I'm not sure how the smell & flavor get into the steam. Size of the molecule?

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